Amusements, LLC.
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Hugo Vending is the largest independent, family owned vending company in Northeast Pa. offering unmatched customer service and product variety!

Fast, Prompt, Dependable Service

We have a team of long term, reliable employees working to give you the best customer service available.
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Providing Quality Vending Service to all of Northeast Pa.

(570) 343-2048
(570) 343-2048
Hugo Amusements, LLC.
Frank Brozzetti Sr. Is the founder and sole proprietor of Hugo Amusements, LLC., formerly Hugo Amusements.

Frank Sr. has put a lot of hard work and dedication into making Hugo Amusements, LLC. into the business it is today and continues to be an integral part of the companies success.
Frank Brozzetti Jr. has worked along side his Father (Frank Sr.) and Brother (Michael) to help make Hugo Vending a business the family could be proud of.

His hard work and dedication can be seen on a daily basis as he continues to help the business grow using his business development skills.
Michael Brozzetti has been the manager of Hugo Amusements for the past 15 years.

Working along side his Father (Frank Sr.) and Brother (Frank Jr.) Michael helps this family run business fine tuned and running as efficiently as possible.
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