Amusements, LLC.
Why Hugo?
Hugo Vending is the largest independent, family owned vending company in Northeast Pa. offering unmatched customer service and product variety!

Fast, Prompt, Dependable Service

We have a team of long term, reliable employees working to give you the best customer service available.
Product Line
Providing Quality Vending Service to all of Northeast Pa.

Hugo Vending supplies their customers with the latest, state of the art
machines as well as some time tested classics.

Select from the categories listed below to get information on specific
machines you may be interested in.

For more information, or to get started in becoming a Hugo Vending
valued customer, call us today at (570) 343-2048.

(570) 343-2048
(570) 343-2048
Hugo Amusements, LLC.
Juke Boxes

   Maestro II
   Play Port

Mega Touch Maxx

   Force Upright

Pin Ball Machines

   World Poker
   The Simpsons
   Lord of the Rings
Vending Machines

   Dart Game
   Pool Table

Crane Machines

   Treasure Chest
   Toy Taxi
   Hot Stuff

Arcade Machines

   Big Buck Hunter
   Golden Tee
   Cruising the World
   Fast and Furious
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